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Window tint

Definition of Window Tint

Tinting the windows of an automobile involves covering the inside panels with a thin, transparent film. While the primary goal of window tinting is to decrease the amount of solar heat and radiation entering the vehicle, many people do it just for aesthetic reasons. The amount of darkness permitted on windows varies from state to state.

Window tinting for cars is the process of applying a thin film on the inside of the windows to reduce the amount of solar heat and radiation that enters the car. Although its primary purpose is to provide sun protection, some people also choose to have it done for aesthetic purposes.

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Reasons to choose window tint at Studio Finish

There are a wide variety of benefits that window tinting will bring to Auckland vehicle owner. Here are some of the main advantages:


Have you ever gotten into your vehicle and felt swarmed with an overwhelming heat? In hot summer months, it’s like opening an oven! With quality tint, you can reduce heat inside the vehicle to an absolute minimum.


UV rays will cause damage and fading to your car’s upholstery.Reducing UV rays to a minimum by tinting your car windows, will help to protect your car’s interior.


Tinting your car’s windows will provide a protective barrier to your vehicle, depending on the thickness of the film you choose. If your car’s windows are broken, the polyester-based film will keep the glass from shattering all over the place, improving security in the car for driver and passengers.


How soon after tinting my windows can I roll them down again?

You should not roll down your windows for at least two to four days. If you do roll down before the window tint has enough time to dry, it will come off in peels. In this instance, the guarantee does not apply.

How long will it take to tint the windows on my car?

Installing window tint might take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the kind of vehicle being tinted and the number of windows that need to be worked on.

What causes bubbles and a purple tint to appear on the window tint?

Bubbles in the window tint are often produced by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, which may be harmful to the inside of your vehicle, as well as causing an excessive quantity of heat accumulation. The failure of the glue that holds the film together is the cause of the bubbles. Purchasing window tints from a reputable manufacturer will protect you from the risk of this problem occurring.

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