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Quality Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

A Vinyl wrap is a way to significantly change the look of a vehicle for the better. With a wide range of options, colours, finishes. From the subtle, to the show stopping, and even Design Printed films. But that is not all wrap is good for. Quality Vehicle wraps are a way of protecting your paint from not only the sun but also add a layer of protection for dings and chips; But not only can it protect your vehicle but it can heal itself with heat too! 

Contact one our Auckland based Installers today to discuss your options, and see we at Studio Finish, can do for you.

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Vehicle Wraps & Signage NZ | Vehicle Wraps Auckland

Studio Finish

Installing Quality Vinyl Vehicle Wraps to New Zealand Customers. A wide range of Vinyl Options, to personalize your car with a wrap.

Business & Fleet Signage

Quality Fleet Signage is Priceless, it brings customers in wherever you go, and can distinguish you against the competition. However, it doesn't need to cost the world either. We use Quality, Long lasting Vinyl, and Maintain on-going service, to ensure your vehicles looks good, and stays looking good.

Talk to one our Auckland based Installers today to discuss your options, and see we at Studio Finish, can do for you.

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Car Wraps

We do full, partial and micro wrap for all cars.

Window Tinting

Avoid those nasty UV rays and ride your car in style with your windows tinted.

Motorcycle Wraps

Full, partial and micro vinyl wraps on motorcycles and ATVs.

Vehicle Signage, Decals & Livery

We can do a wide variety of printing to create signage for any of your needs.

Building Signage

Signage for your business or event. 

Vehicle Detailing

Make your vehicle look like new again.

Where To Find Us?


Do not hesitate to contact or come to us if you have a question or query. You can find us and our shop here:

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  •  6/38 Parkway Drive, Rosedale 0632, Auckland
  • 0221407334 - Jakob Leech
  • 0220654240 - Kylian van Luit

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