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Studio Finish in Albany offers the most advanced detailing services in the business. We only use cutting-edge techniques and market leading products to ensure the job gets done to the highest possible standards. To ensure the longest possible life for your car, we provide monthly car maintenance, ceramic coating, vinyl wraps, paint protection film and vehicle signage. You can reach us at +64 800 227 9727 to set up an appointment right now! Our skilled experts can’t wait to take your car to the next level!


Ceramic coating, window tinting, wraps, paint protection film, vehicle signage, and monthly maintenance at Studio Finish in Albany

Studio Finish’s expert team in Albany takes great pride in helping our customers to restore their vehicle’s back to pristine condition! We let the quality of our work speak for itself. Our one-of-a-kind auto maintenance services are unparalleled in the business, and we guarantee your complete satisfaction with the work we do for you.

Our team is comprised of detailing professionals that are very dedicated to their trade. Our specialists strive to provide outstanding service to every one of our customers, every single time. You can be sure that Studio Finish will provide your vehicle with the highest possible level of care when you bring it to us.

Studio Finish is the place to go if you’re looking for comprehensive car wrap services. To ensure that our customers get the very finest services, we only use the most current and cutting-edge strategies and goods available on the market.

Please call +64 800 227 9727 to get more information about our services

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Ceramic coating, window tinting, wraps, paint protection film, vehicle signage, and monthly maintenance at Studio Finish in Albany

In New Zealand, the metropolitan region of Auckland is connected to the north, and Albany is one of the suburbs that extends the furthest north. Albany’s ward, one of the thirteen administrative divisions that make up the Auckland Council, contains the suburb. A significant portion of the territory to the north of Albany is still classified as semi-rural. Albany has developed into a substantial and extensive shopping and retail district within the greater Auckland metropolitan area’s northwestern region.

Ceramic Coating at Studio Finish in Albany

When you have a ceramic coating applied to the outside of your car by Studio Finish, in addition to giving it a high-gloss finish, it will also provide your vehicle with a robust layer of protection. Because ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, water beads up and rolls off the surface, preventing stains from occurring.

Paint Protection Film at Studio Finish in Albany

With paint protection film installed, your automobile will look new for years to come. When you take your car out on the roads often, it will inevitably pick up scratches and dings. There is no way around this. However, if you ignore them, they may become much more significant problems that cost you a lot to fix. Damaged areas of your car’s paint may soon corrode if you don’t use paint protection film. The application of PPF will prevent future problems with your vehicle and save you money.

Window Tinting at Studio Finish in Albany

Applying window tint prevents upholstery from deteriorating due to solar radiation. It maintains the structural integrity of your car’s interior, while preventing cracking and warping, extending the life of the interior and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Vinyl Wraps at Studio Finish in Albany

Wrapping your car with vinyl helps protect its paintwork from damage caused by road debris, such as scratches and minor dents. Vinyl car wraps may also be removed quickly and simply by trained professionals without causing any damage to the vehicle’s paint. Wrapping your car with vinyl helps to maintain its resale value and also keeps it in better shape when you want to trade it in or sell it.

Vehicle Signage at Studio Finish in Albany

Car signage is a great way to promote your business! Having a car wrapped with signage for your company sends a clear message to prospective customers that you’re serious about your business. It’s a great way to attract prospective new clients too, when you’re out driving in the local area.

Monthly Maintenance at Studio Finish in Albany

Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency may suffer significantly if you do not perform routine maintenance operations. With a monthly maintenance package, you can be sure that all the components of your car will be in full working order, all the time. Schedule an appointment with Studio Finish to remain on top of the planned maintenance for your car.