Protect Your Car’s Paint with Ceramic Coating at Studio Finish

Studio Finish is the place to go in the Rosedale, Auckland to get your automobile ceramic coated. We have extensive experience in the application of ceramic coatings for vehicle owners, and our use of market-leading materials and techniques has allowed us to achieve the shiniest, glossiest finish possible!

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating: What is it?

A ceramic coating service is an invisible layer of protection that gives your car a smooth and shiny finish. It is made up of SiO2 and TiO2, which form a layer that protects the paint from contaminants like tar, iron, and water spots that may cause damage. Our ceramic coatings can guarantee that your car’s paint will remain in great condition and shine brighter than it did on the day it rolled off the factory floor!

red brown car roof applying ceramic coating studio finish rodedale auckland

Auckland’s Best for Durable Ceramic Car Coating!

At Studio Finish, we specialise in providing the
best professional ceramic coating in Auckland, ensuring your car not only looks its best but is also protected from environmental contaminants. We offer the ceramic coating Auckland loves for its durability using top-tier materials, offering an invisible layer of protection that keeps your car’s paint in pristine condition. Studio Finish is your go-to for ceramic coating car services across the North Shore. Our expertise in ceramic coating NZ laws ensures that your vehicle will shine brighter and stay cleaner for longer, making us the preferred choice for car enthusiasts.

Reasons to choose ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings are an excellent choice for shielding your vehicle from the harmful effects of environmental contaminants. Putting a ceramic coating on your car will bring several benefits to you and your vehicle.

Protection from Chemical Stains

The paintwork on your automobile risks becoming damaged from chemicals in the air and on the road. A ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from harmful chemicals like acid rain, iron fallout, and tar that may be found on highways. This will ensure that your car does not sustain long-term damage from these substances.

Protection from UV rays

Ceramic coatings block the sun’s rays before they can damage your car’s paint, making faded colors a thing of the past. Even after being left in the sun for long periods, an automobile with a ceramic coating will retain its luster because of the coating’s superior, protective properties.

Simple to keep clean.

Ceramic coatings contain properties that make them resistant to water. Hydrophobic surfaces benefit your automobile by preventing debris such as dirt, mud, and road grime from adhering to the surface and leaving unsightly stains. This makes cleaning your vehicle a much more straight-forward task.

red brown car roof applying ceramic coating studio finish rodedale auckland


Does having a ceramic coating on your car ensure it will never again need to be cleaned?

Even though a ceramic coating will act as a protective layer for your vehicle, this does not imply that you will no longer need to take it to the car wash or have it cleaned by a professional at some point. To keep the coating on your automobile in the best possible condition, we suggest cleaning your car every two to four weeks.

Can wax be added on top of a ceramic coating?

Wax may be applied on top of a ceramic coating, however we do not recommend doing this! The wax will ultimately degrade over time, leaving the ceramic coating exposed. If you decide to go this route, remember to reapply the wax regularly so that your car maintains its shiny appearance.

How long does a ceramic coating typically last?

Ceramic coating is one method that will always work, regardless of the brand or model of the vehicle. Typically, a ceramic coating has a lifespan of anywhere from two to five years, depending on how well it is maintained and the state that your paintwork was in before applying the coating.