If you’re a car owner living in New Zealand, you may have considered having your windows tinted at some point. Window tinting improves the appearance of your automobile, while also reducing heat and glare inside the vehicle, protecting you from dangerous UV rays. It’s crucial to be informed of New Zealand’s window tinting regulations before having your car’s windows tinted, to make sure that you don’t get in trouble with the law!

In this article, from the expert window tinting crew at Studio Finish in Rosedale, Auckland, NZ, we will look more closely at window tint laws in New Zealand so that you can fully understand what’s allowed and what’s not, before you invest in window tint for your car.

What Are The Regulations For Window Tint in New Zealand?

The Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004, which is set out by the New Zealand Transport Agency, lays out the regulations for window tinting in New Zealand (NZTA). All cars operating on New Zealand’s roadways are required to have a certain degree of visibility out their windows. This will guarantee that drivers can see the road and any potential dangers clearly.

Each different window of the vehicle has its own specifications which are as follows:

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Window tint of the front windscreen is not permitted by law in New Zealand. However, you can install anti-glare bands at the top area of the windscreen which (as the official law defines) extend no further than the bottom of the sun visors when folded against the windshield.

Front Side Windows

A vehicle’s front side windows must also have a minimum of 35% visibility. This means that the front side windows must allow for the passage of at least 35% of the light, to make sure the driver can see any potential hazards or pedestrians who may be on the side of the road.

Rear Side Windows

A vehicle’s rear side windows must also have a minimum of 35% visibility. The rear side window tint requirements of 35% only apply to passenger vehicles such as sedans, station wagons, hatchbacks, sports cars, and convertible cars (Class MA vehicles).

Trucks, vans, SUVs, limousines, body transfer, or other vehicle types are permitted to have any level of tint on the rear side windows.

Rear Windscreen

Rear windshields on passenger (Class MA) vehicles must have greater than 35% VLT. MPVs, or multipurpose vehicles, like SUVs and vans, can have any shade of dark tint on the back windshield.

These are the regulations for window tint in New Zealand, however if you are considering tinting your car windows, there are some other factors you need to be aware of.

According to the NZTA, the maximum level of visible light transmission (VLT) for any tinted window on a vehicle is 35%. This means that the tint on any window cannot be darker than 35%. This is to ensure that the driver has a clear view of any potential hazards or pedestrians that might be on the road. 

It is important to note that the rules regarding window tinting apply to all vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles. Failure to comply with these rules can result in fines and even demerit points on your driver’s license.

Enforcement Of Window Tint Laws In New Zealand

Police officers in New Zealand are authorized to examine the amount of visible light transmission through the windows of any moving vehicle when enforcing window tinting laws. The amount of light that enters through the windows is measured using a tool called a photometer. The driver may be fined and the vehicle may receive a notice requiring the tint to be removed or modified if the tint on any window is discovered to be darker than the permitted level.

If you intend to have the windows of your car tinted, it is crucial to make sure that the tinting complies with all applicable laws. This means that you should only work with a reputable window tinting company that uses NZTA – approved tinting films. The visible light transmission and UV protection levels of these films have been examined and certified as compliant with the law.

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