Paint protection film (PPF) is a popular option for shielding your car’s paint against dings, chipping, and other potential harm. PPF, a translucent thermoplastic urethane film, is applied to the exterior of your vehicle and serves as a shield between the paint and contaminants in the environment. But does PPF change the appearance of your car? This is a common question amongst car owners who are considering getting PPF applied to their vehicles.

In this blog post, by the expert team from Studio Finish in Rosedale, Auckland, you will learn more about the effects of paint protection film on your car’s original paintwork. Let’s get started!

How Does Paint Protection Film Work?

Paint protection film, sometimes referred to as clear bra, protects the surface of your automobile by creating a barrier between the original paintwork and potentially damaging contaminants. A scratch or chip in the paint is less likely to occur when a small rock or piece of debris strikes the automobile because the PPF absorbs the impact and disperses it throughout the film’s surface.

PPF has self-healing characteristics, which is one of its distinguishing features. The elastomeric polymers in the film, which can revert to their initial state when subjected to heat, are what give the material its self-healing ability. Little blemishes and marks will gradually disappear when applied with warm water, sunlight or a source of heat, leaving the film looking smooth and brand-new.

PPF also offers protection against harmful UV rays, which can cause paint to fade and oxidize over time. The film acts as a shield against the sun’s rays, helping to keep the paint looking vibrant and shiny.

Does Paint Protection Film Alter The Appearance Of Your Car?

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The quick answer is no. Paint protection film shouldn’t change the way your car looks. High-quality PPF is made to be almost invisible and shouldn’t change the tone or finish of your car’s paint. 

It’s worth noting, however, that the quality of the installation is one element that might have a negative impact on how PPF looks. A qualified technician is needed to apply the film smoothly, uniformly, and without bubbles or wrinkles during installation. The film may become distorted due to improper installation methods, which will negatively impact how your car looks. This is why it’s important to choose a reputable detailing professional who has experience in installing PPF. We do not recommend installing PPF by yourself.

The type of PPF you choose to have applied is another factor to take into account. PPF is available in a variety of grades with variable protection levels and thicknesses. Although they may be more noticeable on the surface of your car, thicker films provide greater protection. Thinner films, on the other hand, are less visible yet provide less protection. You can get advice from a qualified installer in selecting the best PPF for your requirements and preferences.

It’s also important to note that PPF can actually improve the aesthetic of your car. By preventing damage to the paintwork, the film can assist in maintaining your car’s appearance and resale value. It can also give your car a lustrous, showroom-like finish that can last for years.

Is Paint Protection Film A Smart Investment For Your Vehicle?

If you’re considering PPF to protect your car’s paintwork, you can rest assured that it should not significantly affect the appearance of your car. With a high-quality installation and the right type of film, PPF can provide long-lasting protection without altering the color or finish of your car. Investing in paint protection film can be a smart move, if you’re looking for a long-term method of protection that will help to retain the shine and luster of your vehicle.  So, go ahead and give your car the protection it deserves, without sacrificing its appearance!

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Where Can You Find The Best Paint Protection Film Service in Auckland, NZ?

If you’re looking for the best paint protection film services in Rosedale, Auckland, then look no further than Studio Finish! We only work with the highest brands of PPF to ensure maximum protection and longevity. You can visit our store at 34d Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand, or phone Studio Finish at the following number: +64 800 227 9727 to schedule an appointment.