Vinyl wrap is a quickly emerging way to visually improve your car with a multitude of benefits. A vinyl wrap is essentially a thin layer of material that will: Add a new colour to your vehicle, protect the paint and bodywork (to an extent), heal damage in the sun/heat, peel off when you decide to change the colour of the vehicle again and a few more cool features.

How long does a car wrap last?
An understandably common question nowadays is "How long does a car wrap last?". While it's not quite a black and white answer, we can safely say that if the vehicle is properly looked after, a vinyl wrap can last over 5 years. Other vinyl wraps can last even longer than that. There are things that can improve or damage the life of a vinyl wrap and we will talk about a few of them here.

When choosing a vinyl colour for your vehicle wrap it's important to look into the average longevity of the vinyl. Some vinyl brands can come out with great cheap wrap options but sometimes they have been known not to last as long as some other options.

Keeping your wrap out of the sun is another way to improve the longevity of how long your vinyl wrap lasts. While the sun has been known to heal some of the damaged vinyl can sustain, it can also be a deteriorating factor of vinyl wrap. Leaving your vinyl wrap in the sun can be a way to reduce the life of a vinyl wrap. If you are looking to add a bit of life to your colour change, try leaving it in a building when possible.

Ceramic coating your vinyl wrap has also been told to very much improve the life of your vinyl wrap. Ceramic coating your wrap is also a way to drastically bring out the colour and gloss of a colour change. We recommend ceramic coating your vehicle in almost any circumstance. It will allow for the vehicle to repel water and dust, generally, give it a bit of UV protection; And sealing some of the smaller gaps in paint, vinyl or your surface a deeper gloss.

Cleaning your wrap is a very important thing to stay on top of. When wrapping your vehicle it becomes a little more sensitive to aggressive materials and acidic materials. For example, bird droppings are a commonly overlooked thing but in actuality, a bit of bird poo is enough to burn paint clearcoat and the overlaminate of vinyl. When you notice something like this, make sure to clean it off when you get the chance. Something to keep in mind is while cleaning your car is positive, it is important to use recommended ph-neutral cleaners to avoid damaging the vinyl wrap.

After reading all that you may be concerned about the level of work that may need to go into looking after your wrap but ultimately these are all precautions. The same for a lot of this could be said about your paint. At the end of the day, a wrap is not as sensitive as some people make them out to be. They will sustain quite well and keep looking good for years to come. So long as you give it a bit of love, you can be fairly sure that a vinyl wrap will stay for longer than most people keep in their car.

If you are still concerned or we have left any questions unanswered, don't hesitate to contact the folks at Studio Finish. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Otherwise, feel free to check out any more of the information we have posted.