Why Choosing Quality Vinyl Matters

Choosing a quality vinyl can mean a lot for the result you get, and how long it lasts. In this article we will go through a couple of the key characteristics of Vinyl and how that benefits you as the customer.

Removable / Semi-Permanent

Vehicle Vinyl, bonds to the car very strongly, however with Professional skill it is removable, all while leaving the original paintwork unharmed. Even serving to protect the paint work from UV radiation, Chemicals, Stone chips and Scratches. This also allows you to update the look of your car, to your hearts content, without having to pay repaint prices, or loss the originality of your vehicle. High Quality Vinyls allow this ease of removal, and the protection they carry, as well as holding their colour-correct for longer, allowing for the replacement of individual panels, unlike paint.

However, low quality car vinyl, that you may be able to get from hobby stores, eBay or AliExpress can often do a great amount of damage by pulling parts of clear coat or even the original Paintwork off during installation or removal, so it is always important to choose a quality Vinyl, and If you are unsure, ask your friendly local installer to check it before you buy it.

Don't risk damaging your paint and car with cheap Vinyl wrap, or a cheap paint job


Self Healing 

One of the more interesting characteristics of Vinyl is its ability to heal minor imperfections when heated, either by a heat source like a heat-gun or IR-heater, or when left in the warm sun for a while. Whereas with normal paint you slowly collect swirl marks, scratches and stone chips over time, from driving around or even cleaning your car, Quality Vinyl will Self-Heal and leave you with a day one perfect finish.

This Characteristic is generally only noticeable on quality Vinyls, and even is distinguishably more so between different Quality Brands. Again, if you are unsure about whether you are being supplied the right vinyl for the job, ask a Professional Installer.

This ensures a perfect image for years to come


Wide Range of Colours and Finishes

One on the main things that brings people to Vinyl Wrapping, is the Wide range of Options available. From Chromes, to Colour shifts, High-Metallics to Flawless colours, even as far as Specialty printed, embossed, Reflective Designed Films.The possibilities with the right tools and knowledge are near endless.

The higher the quality of Vinyl you select, the better the result will be. High quality vinyls come with a wide range of options. Their finish, much more consistent, and less like "Orange Peel" or Wavy. Their colours are deeper and more Vibrant.

To check out Some colours by leading brands click here.

To see examples of these colours and finishes on cars click here.



As I am sure you are aware, Quality vinyl, installed well gives you, and your car a show room quality finish, for the fraction of the cost of a proper paint job. Where professional paint jobs can start upwards of $8000, Vinyl wraps professionally installed can cost as low as $3000 on a Mid-sized Sedan.

The other benefit is, that after you have Vinyl wrapped your car, in the unfortunate case that you have a minor bump or accident, unlike traditional paintwork, you only need to replace the vinyl on the affected areas potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Given that you will already be saving a great deal compared to a even a sub-par paint job. it is important to choose a Quality Vinyl, even more so if you are installing it yourself. This will ensure you get a Great, consistent Finish, to really be proud of.

Click here to read more about the costs, or grab yourself a no-obligation quote


Designed Prints

One of the more exciting difference from traditional Paintwork is the Possibility to Have designs printed onto blank Vinyl. Tied together with overlaid or underlaid colour vinyls or designed vinyls. The creative opportunities are truly endless.

Designed prints are made by taking blank vinyl, running it through different types of  large industrial printers, each with their own positives and negatives, then carefully over-laminated to give the desired sheen (finish). There is not a right wrong way to print vinyl, however the materials can be very costly, and it is important to have a skilled professional install these films, as they can be difficult to work with, align properly, and small mistakes can be very costly.

There are a lot of talented designers who work to bring these designs to life, and If you'd like to see more examples click here