Automotive Window Tint

Why Tint?

Tinting a vehicle is virtually a must in todays climate. With the serious added benefits of quality tint, the added style it adds to the vehicle is almost an after thought.

What are some of the benefits? Keep reading.

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Heat Rejection

Have you ever gotten into your vehicle and felt swarmed with an overwhelming heat? It's like opening an oven. With quality tint you can reduce that to an absolute minimum.

Reject Harmful UV Rays

With quality tints you can reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that enter your vehicle by up too 99% protecting you and your loved ones. 

Protect Family By Reducing UV Rays
Minimize Car Interior Fade With Tinting

Fade Protection

Those pesky UV rays we were talking about earlier? Yeah, they also attack your cars interior. By reducing them to a minimum by tinting your car you can help protect your interior.

Reduce Glare

Get rid of some of that pesky glare making it difficult to drive.

Reduce Glare With Tint
Avery Dennison Window Tint Film

Customers Favorite Material

Avery Dennison

High optical clarity and deep graphite color tone upgrades vehicle appearance to a high standard
Premium performance delivering excellent IR rejection and up to 93% glare reduction with minimal reflective effect

Blocks 99+% of harmful UV

Zero interference of electronic equipment (metal free)

Specially designed high performance adhesive for professional installation and clean removal

Easy to install with excellent dot matrix fitting

Glare reduction - 60%