How much do car vinyl wraps cost?

This is a common question amongst people new to the community of vinyl wrapping. A car wrap's price is dependent on many factors. Here are a few of the common things installers look for when estimating jobs.  

Vinyl Choice

Reputable vinyl wrap studio's only use high quality vinyl in this day and age for multiple reasons. Click here to find out more on this topic.
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Quality vinyl comes with technology built into the film that improves installation, colour, longevity, finish, removal, healing technology and more. There are many different vinyl choices that all specialize in their area of technology. 
If you are struggling to understand or choose a vinyl, please don't hesitate to talk to our friendly team and they will help you out. 


Vehicle Size

It goes without saying that a small car will be cheaper than a bus to wrap more often than not. The amount of vinyl and time needed to wrap something large is likely to be more expensive than to wrap something smaller and not as time consuming. 


Vehicle Complexity

A vehicles complexity is one of the more important factors when pricing a vinyl wrap. I previously stated that the smaller the vehicle, the cheaper the vinyl wrap tends to be; But this is not the case in all scenarios. Take a motorcycle for example. They are small, not very much vinyl is needed to actually wrap the bike but due to all the complex compound curves, careful disassembly and reassembly they can be often considered one of the hardest things to vinyl wrap; To the point that a very large number of vinyl wrap studios don't take motorcycle jobs. Bike vinyl wrap
Sometimes a vehicle can be deceptively difficult to the average eye and without a professional looking over it you may not know what to look for.
Please message us your vehicle and we can talk more about it if you have any questions.


Paint Condition

All car wraps are reflected by what is under the vinyl. What do I mean by this?
Vinyl wraps go over your current paint job. If your paint job is peeling, bumpy, uneven or has stone chips and imperfections, you are going to see it through the vinyl. This means that before the vinyl is installed the paint may have to be touched up, fixed and removed in extreme cases. If you have had your vehicle repainted in its life you MUST tell your installer before booking a vinyl wrap. 
If you are concerned about your paints condition please contact us, so that we can go over it with you. 
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"So How Much Does A Wrap Cost?"

If you are interested in wrapping your vehicle and would like to know how much it costs, please don't hesitate to contact us or request a call back. We will get back to you as soon as possible and answer any questions OBLIGATION FREE. 
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